Hampshire Cricket Lotto and Lotto Network are committed to making your online gambling experience as safe and secure as possible.

Encrypted connections

All sensitive data transmitted between your computer and Hampshire Cricket Lotto is securely passed over the internet using strong encryption. We use modern Secure Socket Layer Version 3 (SSLv3) technology on all web pages that contain your personal information.

Look for the padlock


Our SSL certificates are authenticated by GlobalSign - one of the most trusted certificate providers on the internet. Any pages processing personal information should display the padlock security symbol in the address bar or in the status bar at the bottom of your browser window. Click on the padlock to view the security certificate.

Firewall protection

Firewall software is configured to permit or deny access to data through a computer network. Access to our secure servers is strictly controlled by our firewalls, ensuring maximum protection for the website.

Automatic sign out

If you are signed into your account for some time without using it, the system will automatically sign you out.

Security tips

Protecting your personal and financial details is our top priority and they should be yours too. In this section we recommend a few ways to keep your details as secure as possible.

  • Use a strong password

    Remember: your password controls access to your account. Keep it safe and change it every few months. We recommend you choose a password with 8 characters or more combining both letters and numbers. Avoid using familiar names, dates or the same password on many websites. For more information we recommend Microsoft's pages on password security:

  • Protect your personal information

    Your personal information is valuable and should be protected from online fraudsters. Please note that, once you have registered, Hampshire Cricket Lotto or Lotto Network will NEVER ask you to provide or confirm sensitive information. When signing in to our website you will only ever be required to enter your:

    • username and password; or
    • username, date of birth and a security question (if you have forgotten your password).

    We will NEVER send you an email, text message or leave you a voice message asking you to provide your username, password or debit/credit card details.

    Anyone asking you for this information is likely to be involved in fraudulent activity. If you are concerned that you may have given away personal data relating to your Hampshire Cricket Lotto account contact our customer service team immediately.

  • Protect your computer

    Your computer should be protected from attack by criminal hackers who may try to access your personal information or use your machine to attack other computers.

    There are things you can do to minimise the risks:

    1. Keep your system and software up-to-date (if possible select the 'automatic updates' option) and only download files from trustworthy sites.
    2. Install anti-virus software, spyware software and - if possible - a firewall restricting external access to your computer.
    3. Be careful when you click on links within emails or web pages. Remember that they could be fake and lead to harmful web pages.
    4. Try to avoid signing in to your Hampshire Cricket Lotto account from a public computer or in a public 'wi-fi' environment (e.g. in an internet cafe).

    A sensible approach to computer protection and security will help you to avoid common dangers such as Trojans, Spyware, Adware and Phishing. For more information and useful tips visit

Anti-money laundering

Hampshire Cricket Lotto and Lotto Network take their legal obligations regarding anti-money laundering and handling the proceeds of crime very seriously and comply with legislative and regulatory requirements.

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